Love Swimming uPPstream

This past weekend I went to the uPPstream holiday party. I get to work with them a few times a year on corporate projects that are really quite fun. In fact, working with Chris and Karl from uPPstream has made me love doing corporate. Here's why:

  1. Chris and Karl are smart and know how to use us well. So we don't just deliver power point presentations about how to be better public speakers. We create simulations where we show everything going horribly wrong. It's fun for us. It's fun for the clients. It's fun for the attendees. It's fun.
  2. They put together a veritable who's who of improv, NY theatre, corporate, film & TV actors. So everyone's a pro and knows how to do their job really well. And they are so. Damn. Funny. I get to work with Rachel Bouton, Brad Barton, Brandon Beilis, Jeff Rogers, Kevin R. Free, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Deb Rabbai, and Rob Schiffmann (my husband). I mean, c'mon.
  3. It's corporate. So I get paid what I deserve to be paid.
  4. Outside of the actors whom I work the closest with, the rest of the uPPstream team is actually really cool. Let's put it this way - my daughter has started inviting herself over to play with other kids she knows from uPPstream.