Broadway's Next's Best Hits of 2016

You know that feeling when you send something out into the world? Like a picture on Instagram or a Facebook post that you worked particularly hard on? You're refreshing your page every few minutes to see how people are responding? I had that feeling yesterday.

Behind Broadway's Next's Best Hits

Broadway's Next Hit Musical records the audio and video of every single show it performs. Because we do that, we're able to curate moments that were funny to the few hundred people in the audience that night - and share it with the rest of our audience who wasn't in the room that night. It's a way for someone who likes our show in New York to be a part of the craziness that happened in North Andover.

A few weeks ago Rob Schiffmann (my husband, and co-producer/director/performer in Broadway's Next Hit Musical) came up with the idea to put together the best songs that we had recorded from the past year. Funny songs that one the Phony Award, hilarious songs from Act II - anything that would hold up well via audio and out of context if you hadn't seen the show.

The album Best Hits 2016 just came out yesterday and I couldn't be prouder. From the cover art, to the track list, to creating the marketing around it, it's a project that I had both of my hands in. 

Embrace Technology or Poof It's Gone

My big driving force behind doing a project like this is because I know what it's like to do an improv show and once the show's over it's gone. Poof! One night you had hundreds of people laughing and the next morning you have nothing to show for it. This can be a huge missed opportunity when it's a particularly special moment.

With the ability to record shows and archive them, there is no reason that a song that was so hilarious only needs to be shared with the people in the theater that day. Why not save it, post it, and share it? And why not give the performers a percentage of the sales for the work that they did onstage? 

It only makes sense.

Check Out Broadway's Next Hit Musical's Best Hits 2016

You can listen to a sample of the tracks and pick up a copy of the album now. Head to