No Resolutions, but Three Words

In the wings.

In the wings.

I love a new day. And a new week. I especially love a new year. Beginnings of things are so exciting! So, like many people, I have made resolutions in the past at the start of a new year. And like many people, I have forgotten those resolutions, or given up on them before 90 days are up. The past few years, though, I've tried a different tactic to focus me in a new year on my personal an business goals.

Three Words for 2017

Chris Brogan leads online classes in building businesses. I've taken quite a few of them. He has a free weekly newsletter that is chock full thoughtful insights on growing a business. I consider him to be a mentor, although we've only met once. He proposes coming up with three words to define your year. Words that will guide you in decisions. Words that will inspire you. An important aspect of this is writing these words - with a pen, old school-style - each and every day. To sear them into your brain kinesthetically.

Pick any three words that you can use to guide you forward to success in the coming year. Write these words down every day. Keep them posted on your monitor. Make a phone wallpaper. Whatever is going to keep those words present? Schedule a recurring 5 minute daily appointment that simply gives you a moment to reflect on the three words you’ve chosen for greatness and success.
— Chris Brogan

He writes more in depth about it here.

My Three Words for 2017

I have been mulling over my three words for a couple of weeks now. As a lover of words the notion of coming up with only three requires haiku-like curating. But I have them! My three words are:

Wings - after feeling like I've waited in the wings, now coming out and soaring

Break - breaking with tradition, breaking what is working to not get too comfortable, perhaps a breakthrough this year?

Frog - eating frogs and doing tasks I may not want to do, kissing frogs and reaping the princes from them. Also, Frogs is a Stephen Sondheim musical that no one really talks about - proof that even geniuses need to make stuff that's not notable in order to make great stuff. It's the making, not the stuff.

Your Three Words for 2017

I'd love know what your three words are for 2017. Use the hashtag #my3words so I can find out what they are. Or, just send me an email

Woo hoo! Excited for 2017!