Why I Do What I Do

Photo by  Felix Mooneeram

For over seven years I was involved in a comedy show that performed Off Broadway and there are very few photos, videos, or reviews to show for it. The leadership in the organization didn't see the value in spending the money on it. And it was right before we all had computers, and audio recorders, and cameras in our pockets.

Some of the funniest improv scenes, some of craziest choreography, some of the best singing I've ever done are only vague memories. Relocated to moments that my husband and I laugh about when we get together with old friends from that time.

Basically, the best creative moments of my career completely evaporated.

It was some of my best stuff.

Witness and Capture

I do not want that to happen to you.

Photo by Caleb Jones

Photo by Caleb Jones

You are doing your work every day - whatever that is. It deserves to be witnessed and it deserves to be captured. For many reasons - maybe it will entertain someone. Maybe it will inform. Maybe it will answer someone's question or solve their problem.

No matter what it is, your work can benefit more than just the person who is in the room with you at that moment. Social media now gives you the capability to share that with other people all over the place in a lot of different ways.

I love taking a bit of a speech and finding a great quote from it to turn into an Instagram post.

Or taking a whole performance and putting that up on YouTube. But then breaking it into bite-sized pieces for Twitter. Or turning it into a meme.

Your Best Stuff

So be bold enough to take out your camera and ask for the selfie with the client you just had a meeting with. 

Take the extra five minutes to set up your phone to record when you're speaking at that event.

Or the work that you are doing could just evaporate.

And this is some of your best stuff!