Conference Social Media Tips for Twitter


  • To meet people who are going to be at the conference
  • To share insights you are learning with people who cannot attend
  • To share insights you are learning with your clients and how it benefits them
  • To keep up with the people you’ve met at the conference

Before you go:

  1. It’s good to have an external battery - you’ll be using your phone quite a bit and want to make sure it’s always charged.
  2. Make sure you know your handles for the different social media channels - this is especially important if you have someone else handling your social for you.
  3. Find out who is running the event, follow that organization. 
  4. Check to see what the hashtags are for the event and start using them


Please don’t be needy or spammy or market-y. Everyone sees right through it and it’s weird.

If any of you followed me back in '08 you'd know I was probably the worst offender of this.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is the standard for connecting with someone at a conference or meeting and there’s good reason for it.

  1. it’s simple to find people who are also there
  2. it’s easy to transmit your ideas about the event out there quickly 

15 ways you can use Twitter at a conference/convention/meeting you are attending:

  1. When you first register, tweet your arrival and use the official hashtag for the event; include a picture and/or video.
  2. Jot down (on a notepad, in Evernote, wherever you’re recording notes for the event) the names of the people who are speaking - follow those people
  3. Take a key concept or quote from a seminar or class and tweet that out while tagging the person who said it, and using the hashtag of the event Note: invariably there will be down time during a seminar - a concept goes on too long, someone asks an off-topic question, this is when you send this out.
  4. Make a list within Twitter of the people that you are meeting/hearing speak at the conference. Make it public. Call it, “Cool People I Met At [Insert Name of Conference Here]
  5. When you meet someone, ask them if they’re on Twitter. Send them a tweet as a hello, add them to your list.
  6. Search the official hashtag of the event (and any unofficial ones, frankly) and start commenting on people’s two cents about various moments and speakers. Add the ones you click with the most to your list (see #4)
  7. Ask questions about places to eat and meetups using the event’s hashtags
  8. Go live once a day and share something cool you just saw or are about to see
  9. Tweet out three takeaways from the end of each day
  10. Tweet out three things you are excited for at the beginning of each day
  11. Use polls to ask questions about the event (Remember: keep it snark-free)
  12. Check in with the people on your list (#4) at least once a day and add in your two cents on what they are tweeting
  13. Celebrate good ideas you are hearing by quoting them (versus retweeting) when you quote them, you get to add your two cents and put your own spin on what’s just been tweeted
  14. Use the DM function to share with an individual person anything you don’t want to make public 
  15. Just have fun, get playful, get creative!