The Best Social Trends For Theater Companies to Implement Now

Each year, new social media trends come and go, all with the same goal: to boost engagement and grow a brand. Some of these trends work tremendously while others simply fall flat. So what trends are major brands implementing this new year in hopes of achieving social media success? And how can your performing arts organization benefit from them? The answers are easier than you may think.

At the start of the new year, Buffer released a report on the state of social trends in 2019, analyzing data from 1,800 marketers from a wide array businesses and industries. The findings are plentiful and dense, and if you want to effectively grow your online presence this year, taking the time to read through the entire report would be incredibly beneficial. But for those who want to read the major points now, here are the three biggest trends you need to be trying out in the new year according to Buffer.

Use Social Media Stories

It can be nerve-wracking to use Instagram or Facebook stories. If you’re growing your personal brand, you might find it uncomfortable to be posting short clips of yourself on there. If you’re a business, you just might not know what to post on stories. But according to the study, 57 percent of brands believe that stories have been either “Somewhat effective” or “Very effective,” so clearly, they’re a necessary part in building your social strategy.

The possibilities are endless with using stories for your theater company: have a cast member take over your Stories, show behind the scenes of a load in, make funny Boomerangs from the step and repeat on opening night!

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Video Content is Still Important

Yes, we’re all aware of the infamous pivot to video that’s been occurring over the past few years. And while Facebook’s algorithm — and somewhat shady reports — may be hard to understand, posting videos to the platform is essential. According to the study, only 14.5% of businesses aren’t using video. In addition to posting to Facebook, YouTube should also be utilized. YouTube is the second most used search engine (could Facebook be far behind?). So you want to make sure that your theater company is posting regularly on YouTube.

However, when it comes to IGTV, the study found that most brands don’t care about using it. In fact, videos on Instagram don’t do nearly as well as they do on Facebook or YouTube, so it might make more sense to dedicate your time to those platforms while leaving the pictures for the ‘gram.

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Don’t Forget About Messaging Apps

According to the study, many brands are neglecting messaging apps, which is precisely why you need to jump on board with them. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger allow you to have instant communication with your fan base. This builds a tight relationship as well as trust. Buffer’s data shows it, but we are seeing more and more a trend for people to get involved with Facebook Messenger Marketing.

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The Takeaways:

As we get further and further into the digital age, it’s important to grow with the trends so that your brand can keep up with the times. Sure, it can be difficult, but it’s a necessary step to take if you want your brand to thrive throughout 2019 and beyond.

We’re well versed in all three of these areas and can specifically help those in the performing arts. For help in adding any of these ideas to your theater company’s social media marketing, set up an appointment.

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