5 Elements Every Actor's Instagram Profile Needs

A major frustration for many actors is not having enough followers on their Instagram account. But there are a few ways that you can make sure that when people do find you, they take a look at your account and tap that follow button. Here are 5 things every actor’s Instagram profile needs.

A Profile Picture That Shows What You Look Like

Assuming you are using this Instagram account to grow your brand - and your brand is in the performing arts - it makes sense to have a profile picture that shows who you are. You can get more arty and experimental in your feed, but people should be able to know from a combination of your profile name and your profile pic who you are. (Especially when they are trying to tag you in Instagram Stories) It doesn’t have to be a your headshot shot, but it should be clear who you are.

Business Profile

An Instagram Business Profile has a few more bells and whistles than a personal Instagram profile. The statistics (aka Insights) are better, you have more linking options, you can run ads through it, and you can beef up your profile a bit more extensively (more on that later). For now, head to Settings in your profile and choose Account to switch your account a Business Account.

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It doesn’t do you any good if a casting director can’t figure out what city you’re based in. Make sure to put where you’re located somewhere in your profile. A business account will let you add an address which will show up in italics above your bio. Unless you’re a brand with a brick and mortar street address, just put your city and state so people don’t know where you live. If you live in small town and including the name of the town makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always add something in your profile itself like “based in NJ.”

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Instagram only lets you put up one link in your bio - make it count. It’s best to put a website you manage, not an algorithm - so not a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. It’s very easy to create websites now, and quite cost effective. Even a landing page is a simple option if you want to point people towards your reel or a temporary project. If you have a website already, then have the link drive them to a page with the first step you want them to take to make sure they don’t get lost on your site.

You can also use a service like linktr.ee to post multiple links at a time.

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A Bio That Will Get You Hired

If you want people to hire you as an actor, then put in your Instagram profile what kind of an actor you are - film and TV, comedic, improviser. Inspirational quotes or ambiguous musings like “I’m just here for the tacos” doesn’t relay any pertinent information. What you do, what you’re known for, something funny about you, and a few relevant hashtags will give someone looking at your account a sense of who you are and what you do. Also, if you have a side hustle, create a separate profile for that. If your profile says that you are an actor/yoga instructor and 80% of the time you’re posting sun salutations, your focus seems clear.

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