Create Your 5 Minute, 30 Day Content Calendar

I recently was talking to an actor who was so frustrated because he didn’t know what to post on his instagram account every day. I suggested he making a content calendar so he'll have a plan of what to post.

"You just pull up a calendar and fill in what you're going to post on social every day."

He looked at me and said, "If I can't think of what to post on one day, how am I going to think of what to post for thirty days?"

Fair point.

Why it Works

At Downstage Media we’ve been helping plenty of organizations within the performing arts come up with a plan of what to post. You can too! With our 5 Minute 30 Day Content Calendar, you’ll find out the same questions that we ask our clients during our monthly check ins.

The 5 Minute 30 Day Content Calendar will walk you through the different factors that can come up in any given month to help you zero in on what to post about. You will be thoughtful about upcoming holidays, take advantage of those fun hashtag holidays, and incorporate your own events into your social media so that it truly reflects your organization. When your organization shows itself it starts to connect with an audience.

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Why Posting Frequency Matters

We’ve seen it happen before. Okay, we’ve had it happen before. You don’t know what to post so you skip a day and that turns into two days which turns into a week. What’s the big deal?

According to a study by Buffer analyzing thousands of Facebook posts, one of the main factors in whether a post gets in front of your audience is if they have interacted with your posts in the past. If you aren’t posting, they can’t interact with you. If they don’t interact with you, the next time you post it won’t get shown to them.

Which is why it’s so important to post regularly - but posting regularly can seem daunting. That is until you come up with a plan.

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Download the 5 Minute, 30 Day Content Calendar

Just like planning your meals or your workouts, once you have a plan in mind to follow your job will be MUCH easier! You will start seeing opportunities and scheduling them ahead of time. Which means you’ll actually be able to follow it and your audience will see the great posts you are creating!

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