90 Days to Mastering Any Platform on Social Media

Social media platforms can come and go (Vine, Musical.ly both come to mind). But what stays are a few techniques that any performing artist can employ to get solid footing on any one. By understanding how to make content for that platform, how to engage with the people on that platform, and how to tell if your efforts are working on that platform, you’ll be able to quickly have a command over any new app that comes along.

Days 1-30 Creating Content

Take the first thirty days on the new platform to watch how other people are making content and experiment with making your own content. This will be a very experimental time and a great time to stretch your creativity. Explore how popular influencers on the medium are creating content and even try to reverse engineer their techniques. Start making content like theirs until you find your own voice on the platform. Create a Content Calendar for this platform and start posting.

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Days 31 - 60 Engage and Connect

Now that you’re on a roll with content creation, it’s time to figure out how to connect with other people. You’re going to keep posting according to your Content Calendar and now add in some dialogue. Again, look to the influencers to see how they are communicating with their audience. This is the time to say hi to other people, to comment on other people’s posts, to respond to the people who have reacted to your posts. Get in a habit of engaging on the platform. Add these tasks to your Content Calendar as well and keep at them.

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Days 61 - 90 Check Your Analytics

Okay, now that you are creating content regularly and engaging with your audience, it’s time to figure out what is working and what’s not. Find out where the analytics/ insights/ data that the platform is keeping track of and take a look at it. At this early phase, it’s good to just figure out what analytics are available to you and which ones make a difference to you based on your goals. Maybe you’ll take a look at how many video views you have. Or how many people you reached with a particular post. Whatever it is, get familiar with the data available to you and start keeping track of the ones that are most important to you right now. Then create goals to move that needle.

Make Yourself Accountable

It’s fun to play around with a new platform - or to dive in to one that you feel like you should have been on years ago. The learning curve can be steep, but so can be the rewards.

For great results, have someone that you can be accountable to in order to keep yourself on track with your Content Calendar, engagements, and analytics.

Ask a friend to help you, or find out more about Downstage Media’s consulting services to coach you through.

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