Outside My Resume

Who am I anyway? Am I my resume?
— A Chorus Line, "I Hope I Get It"
A picture of me taken by my five year old daughter.

A picture of me taken by my five year old daughter.

On one hand, you can tell a lot about someone from their resume. Of course, on the other, there are plenty of aspects of each person that a resume just won't explain. So, here is a list of points about me that you won't find on my resume:

  • an improviser who is used to thinking on the fly, building something out of nothing, and making other people look good.

  • a Jersey girl who is scrappy, hustles, and has a little moxie.

  • a mom who knows how to return the world to order when it’s been thrown into chaos, and creates systems with chores, mail planning, and sticker distribution.

  • a storyteller who relies on social media platforms to get the message across using videos, photos, tweets, and even gifs and emojis.

  • a geek who listens to podcasts about social media trends, recommends books about digital marketing, and reads blogs to learn about new updates and features.

  • a theatre nerd who always spells it with an -re, saw Starlight Express twice, and follows the Tonys like the rest of America follows football.