Answering the Question We All Have: How To Boost Engagement

It’s the question every brand that’s actively using social media is asking: How do we boost likes, comments, shares and overall engagement? If only the answer was simple. In reality, it’s one of the most complex. In 2019, especially for actors and theatre people, your social media presence is your new headshot. What you post can have a direct correlation to the jobs you book.

3 Simple, Key Steps to Building Instagram Engagement

Who's going to try this and see their Instagram engagement EXPLODE?!

Posted by Downstage Media on Friday, November 2, 2018

Anyone can buy followers but engagement is what really matters. But there’s no solid way to boost engagement. And sometimes, the methods that work for one brand won’t work well for another depending on their specific niche. When you don’t see people engaging with your content, it’s definitely disheartening, especially when you put a lot of time into creating it and specializing it so that you hope your audience will respond. But there are a few things every brand can do across the board that will help to boost overall engagement and gets people seeing and loving your posts.

Getting More Likes, Comments, and Followers on Social Media with Gianluca Russo

ICYM Annie Schiffmann's interview with Gianluca Russo last night. Here's one highlight: - he talked about a free way to find out the best hashtags for your brand - a mom shared how her daughter got representation from Instagram alone - you can get a 50% discount off of the Staged Reading Jumpstart package using discount code ENGAGE

Examine Your Methods Thus Far

The first step is to examine your social media channels thoroughly. Ask yourself why engagement is low? What is wrong with this that people aren’t reacting in the way that I want them to? Find those flaws and make tactics to specifically improve them.

From there, it’s easy to examine each social media platform separately. For instance, on Twitter, it’s best to have a comedic tone and create content that is easily shareable such as memes and quick jokes. At the same time, you don’t want to be tone deaf to things going on in the world and should have a certain sense of awareness.

Determine Your Brand and Niche

On the flip side, Instagram is a little more fun but a little more work. Look at what your brand is, what your niche is and why exactly people should look at your page. So the first step is looking into that and determining what type of content to post to Instagram to draw people in. Pictures should be of good quality — Nothing grainy or blurry. Content should be posted pretty often, at least three times a week. And you want to make sure to utilize hashtags. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post and using them will help people find your account.

These tactics may seem simple but trust us: They work. But the best thing you can do is to determine what exactly makes you special; What makes you stand out amongst others on social media. Once you find that, you can hone into it and post to that niche. Doing so will make your brand specialized and that will make people want to follow you and engage.