Downstage Media's 3 Steps to Building Your Brand

In the performing arts - whether  as an actor, dancer, magician, or improviser - you know that you are the product. You get headshots that look like you on a good day. You put together audition pieces that show what you can do. Your presence online is simply an extension of that. You want to give anyone that may hire you a sense of what you do and what you're like to be around and work with. That's the essence of building your brand.

There are three main aspects to building your brand and in this post we'll share what they are and how Downstage Media can help you.

1. Consistent Schedule

When you choose to work with Downstage Media almost all of your options include a Content Calendar which says what to post on your social media channels. You may choose a package where we create the content, or a package where you create the content. Either way, consistent posting is key to staying top of mind with possible employers and with friends who may recommend you for a gig. 

We'll also take a look at where you should post, how often you should post, and what time of day in order to get the best reach.

2. Consistent Tone

When we work with you, we also help you hone your tone so that you're staying positive and professional online - while also staying true to yourself. Let's unpack that:

  • Positive - When you're happy and fun people want to work with you. We'll make sure that all of the posts that you put out show yourself in the best light. 
  • Professional - If you have achieved a level of success you know how to conduct yourself in a professional performance setting. Sometimes, though, social media platforms can get cluttered with too much of your personal life - or too many details of it. We'll post as thought Steven Spielberg is looking at you on social media (honestly, we don't know he's not) and make sure there's nothing cringe-worthy to see.
  • Authentic - That said, we want to keep you YOU! We'll strike the voice that capitalizes on what makes you unique and highlight it. 

3. Consistent Look

Not only is it important that your posts go up consistently and have a consistent tone, we'll make sure that they have a consistent look. We'll isolate which colors, fonts and filters make the most sense for you to use and be sure you have the tools you need to use and refer to them.

Getting Started

To get started, chose your package and send an email saying which one you'd like. Annie Schiffmann will reach out to you and get you on board so you can start building your brand right away!