How to Capitalize on the Facebook Inbox


Yes! A comment! Your post on your brand's Facebook Page got a comment. Maybe it got a few. Maybe people are going back and forth and there's actually a CONVERSATION happening. This is the stuff of social media dreams. But how can you keep up with it? The Facebook Inbox is your friend. 

With your Facebook Inbox you can keep up with messeages via FB Messenger, comments on your Facebook Page and even Instagram comments. All in one spot. You can even make notes for the other Admins and Editors that manage the page.

Note: I love this especially for Instagram comments since it doesn't require you to give out the log in to more people on your team than necessary.

Finding the Inbox

First, here's how to you find it: 


Go to your page and click where it says "Inbox."


The first icon (on the left) is for FB Messenger. These are any messages that people have left you.

The next icon (in the center) is for comments on your FB Page. 

The third icon (on the right) is for comments on your Instagram account. In order for this to work, make sure you've already hooked up your Instagram account to your Facebook Page. 

Responding with the Facebook Inbox

One of the most important aspects of social media - even more than coming up with great content - is keeping the conversation going. When someone writes you a comment it's important to respond. If more than one person is managing the account, though, it can get confusing. But Inbox helps streamline the process. Also, what if you don't know the answer and you have to check back? There are options. And we'll go through them.

You can see in the Inbox where there are comments that need to be addressed and you can respond to them. In the image above you see how someone commented from Facebook and it hasn't been addressed yet. If you know the answer, then you'll type it below the post where it says, "Write a comment."

Maybe you don't know the answer and you need to Follow Up with them, but you want to make sure that it doesn't get mixed in with your other comments that haven't been addressed yet. Here's how you handle that:


Hit the little clock icon up and to the right from the post. This will put it in the Follow Up Folder in your Inbox. See how next to the Inbox there are those three lines (I believe people call that a hamburger?). Anyway, you will then find a folder marked Follow Up where you'll find all of those comments that need to be addressed later on.

Note: There is also an Unread folder, Done, and Spam folder. If you think that one of your comments or messages has gone away forever, check these first. 

Additional Functionality with Facebook Messenger

When people leave you messages via FB Messenger there are some additional features that you can use. As you see below, there is some information right at your fingertips about the person sending you a message. You are also able to leave internal notes.

adding notes.jpg

At least once a day, it's good to peek at your Inbox and respond to any questions, messages, or comments that may have been left for you. The Facebook Inbox makes it much easier for you - and anyone else on your team - to keep track of those responses.