Commercial Shoot Shot List

Photo by Alexander Dummer

Photo by Alexander Dummer

Yes! You booked it! You got the commercial!


Yes! Your theater company is filming a commercial!

Either way, shooting a commercial is very, very exciting and it worth documenting on your social media channels. Obviously, if there are confidentiality agreements that you are signing you'll want to obey those. But other than that, have fun and be prepared with what you'll want to capture while your living your #setlife.

Below you'll find some reasons for capturing content, a shot list of what to get, and ways to use all of that content once you have it. 

Why Should I Document My Commercial Shoot on Social Media

This is a time to show that you are working! This is the thing that you want to do all of the time! It's great! Casting directors want to see that you have worked and are working!

There are many people you will meet on a commercial shoot. Since there are so many people it's an excellent opportunity to network. It's great to exchange screennames and post pics of you and other people working together. On Instagram, for example, when you tag someone in your picture, your friends are more likely to see it if they follow that other person as well. And since the acting world is so small, people in your audience may very well know that other people you are tagging.

What To Do with All of This Captured Content

Below you'll find a shot list to use on social media. I recommend using any and all of these in Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or Facebook Stories. But for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram proper, I would tailor your posts a bit more. Just pick the best moment and tell a story about it.

Once you have all of this content you can:

  • use a few photos and videos to make a carousel or an Album in Facebook sharing how much fun you had

  • write an article about what you learned on LinkedIn

  • write a blog post sharing the process of booking the commercial and then shooting it

  • make a quick video (about 1 -2 min) with all of the fun stuff for YouTube

  • this is only the tip of the iceberg, but shoot shoot shoot!