Conference Speaker Instagram Shot List

You’ve been asked to speak at  conference - very exciting! You know you should probably post something about this on your Instagram feed, but WHAT?

At Downstage we’ve attended a number of talks and workshops from some of the top digital marketing experts in the country. We’ve taken what they’ve done that has worked and put together a downloadable shot list for your next speaking engagement so you can make the most of this moment.

Instagram is an Excellent Platform for Documenting Your Conference Talk

Because of the combination of the feed as well as Instagram Stories, you’re able to amass images and videos to truly give your audience a behind-the-scenes peek into the event - something your online audience AND event attendees aren’t going to get otherwise. Because Instagram users rely heavily on hashtags, when you use the official hashtag for the conference, anyone following that hashtag will see your content as well and that could increase your follower count. 

Why Capitalizing on This Moment Matters

There are a number of reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of your speaking engagement. The first is that you clearly have valuable information to share - that’s why you have been asked to speak. So why should only the people in the room learn from you? Share tidbits of your speech on Instagram and your audience will get immense value from following you. By showing your audience how you like speaking at events, then they will know that you do that sort of thing and may call you in to speak at their next event.

Download the Conference Speaker Instagram Stories Shot List

Download the shot list so that you’ll have a great visual representation of the event that you can use to promote yourself later on. Keep it handy during the conference and you will feel confident that this big moment for you didn’t slip by.