Consistent Colors in Your Word Swag Posts

If you’d like to have a consistent look to your Instagram feed, here is a simple way to make sure that your Word Swag posts have the same (or a similar) background.

Consistent Background


To use the exact color every time, it requires a few extra steps upfront, but will give you nice clean, consistent results with your exact branded color.

  1. Open an app like PicMonkey (it’s free) to basically create a swatch that you will use as the background for your WordSwag Posts.

  2. Tap “Blank canvas.”

  3. Tap SIZE and choose a square. Tap the blue checkmark in the upper right corner.

  4. Tap BACKGROUND, then scroll through all of the colors until you see “Add color.” Tap HEX and add in your six digit hex code. Tap the blue checkmark in the upper right corner.

  5. Tap “Next.”

  6. Tap “Save”

Now you’ll have your swatch saved in your photos. Put this in a folder that you will be able to find easily since you’ll be using it often.

Using Your Consistent Background in WordSwag

Now that you’ve got the image that has your exact branded color, let’s stick some words on top of it.

  1. Open Wordswag.

  2. Open LIBRARY

  3. Choose the image you just made above.

  4. Add the words onto WordSwag as you normally would.

Similar Background

If you want your posts to have the same basic look on Instagram, then here’s a little WordSwag trick.


A quick How To for using consistent colors in the backgrounds of your Word Swag posts.

  1. Open Word swag


  3. Search for the color that you’re using in the pixabay search bar at the top.

  4. Choose an image with the color red that you like.

  5. Zoom in with your fingers to that the color takes up the entire screen (it will look weird here, don’t worry). Tap “Next” in the upper right corner.

  6. Tap “IMAGE” and adjust the BLUR as far as it’ll go so the image is unrecognizable (but the color isn’t)

  7. Add the words onto Word Swag as you normally would.

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