How to create a simple content calendar for your theater or personal brand

This title actually could be:

How completely exhausted people can create a free content calendar.

Once you've come up with what you're going to post on social media, you can use a number of tools to keep up with it. There are many, many ways to make content calendars. This method is simple and free. The more notes and specifics you can put in it, the easier it will be for Exhausted Future You when you sit down to actually create the posts.

  1. Set up a calendar that you can view and edit on all of your devices. If you are doing social for a theater company and need to get input from another person make sure it’s shareable. Google calendars work especially well for this.

  2. Create an event for each social media post you will be publishing on its specific day. e.g., If you are posting a #TipTuesday video to Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, then create three different events on Tuesday, 12/05.

  3. If you have a clear handle on the best time to post adjust the event’s time. e.g., If your Page Insights tell you that most of your audience is on Facebook at 9PM on Tuesdays, set the time of the event to 9PM.

  4. Name the event in a way that will describe what you’re posting and to which platform. e.g., If you do a weekly video series on #TipTuesday and you’re going to post it to Instagram, you can type #TipTuesday Video (IG)

  5. In the Notes section you can add descriptors. e.g., Create 1 minute edit of video using InShot app.

  6. Once you’ve created and scheduled (I use Hootsuite, but there are other social media schedulers) the post for the allotted date and time, put a little “x” in front of the event name. e.g., x#TipTuesday Video (IG)

  7. Repeat until all of your content events have “x”s next to them.