Downstage Media's Prize-Winning Videos

Doesn't it sound weird to read the word "prize-winning" and NOT read the word "pies" next to it? Maybe I've just listened to Waitress to much.

Anyway, here are the videos that won Downstage Media individual prizes, and then the grand prize for the Wave.Video #MakeWaves Video Challenge. More importantly, here is the excellent feedback from each one of the judges.

The feedback is excellent and I highly recommend watching each one - I learned something from each judge and I know you will too!

Day 1 - Instagram Video, 1st Place

The first day of the challenge was to create a square Instagram video. It was judged by visual storyteller and social media consultant Jeff Sieh.

Day 4 - Twitter Video, 2nd Place

On Day 4, I submitted a video that helped illustrate a point that I'd made in the FB Live from that night. Knowing that most people scroll past videos, I knew that I wanted it short, and with LOTS  of visuals. Evaluated by Rebekah Radice, Social Media and Brand Strategist.

Day 6 - Blog Post Video, 3rd Place

I really love the idea of taking the meat of your blog post and making a video from it. It's all part of that repurposing content that will make your life SOOOO much simpler (not necessarily easier, but simpler). This was evaluated by Andy Crestodina, Content Marketer and Web Strategist.