Downstage Media Wins Its First Prizes


Not going to bury the lede here:

Downstage Media's videos won the Grand Prize in the #makewaves Video Challenge!

Downstage Media has been awarded it's first four prizes for work that we've done. I have to say that I am ECSTATIC! To see the videos and the feedback the judges gave, head here.

The Challenge

A few months ago, Wave.Video got on my radar - I was looking for a video editing platform that had stock videos that I could use, royalty free. With video being so huge on social media, I found myself making dozens of videos each month. It was time to step up my game.

Anyway, I liked Wave.Video and it's features (especially how videos can be adjusted from Instagram square, to Facebook Cover skinny rectangle, to YouTube 16:9 with one click. Sweet!) I signed up for a year's subscription.

Next I heard about it's #MakingWaves contest. Basically, each day users could submit videos to be judged by social media luminaries like Jeff Sieh, Rebekah Radice, and Andy Crestodina. Since I was already making videos for clients - and I knew entering would force me to learn the platform - I entered each day. The winners were then given feedback on their videos by the judges.

The Results

At the end of the week Downstage Media had placed:

  • 1st in the Instagram Video Challenge
  • 2nd in the Twitter Video Challenge
  • 3rd in the Blog Post Video Challenge

The prizes were camera gear and then subscriptions to a two different digital marketing tools that I can't WAIT to play around with and have our clients benefit from.

But the BIG SHOCK was when Downstage Media won one of the Grand Prizes - a trip to the Unbounce CTA Conference in Vancouver, Canada! So I am  happy to say that I'll be going and picking up so much information to implement for our clients that I am over the moon!

The Benefits to YOU!

Going to a two day conference on marketing can only help me learn up-to-the-minute trends and opportunities in the digital media world that I can implement with Downstage's clients and share to our followers. And the subscription-based prizes will give me tools that I wouldn't normally have had access to. So before the event in August, I can already start using the tools for the clients that we have.

For a company that's been around about two months, this is a HUGE accomplishment. I can't wait to see what other awards Downstage Media will be bringing in - and how rewarding that will be for our clients.