Using Evernote To Help With Social Media Posts

Photo: Benjamin Pley

Photo: Benjamin Pley

About six or seven years ago I heard someone from the Evernote team speak. I downloaded organizing app immediately and started playing with it. I'd make a list here and there, maybe take a picture of a wine label or something. I knew that there was functionality to it that I wasn't using, but I could see the potential. Now I can honestly say that I wouldn't be able to run my business without Evernote - specifically the social media portion of my business. Here are ways that I use it - and how you can too.

Note: I know, I know, I know. There is LOTS more that this app can do. In this post we'll focus on how you can use it as you're posting on social media.

Keep Hashtags Handy

On Instagram, the best way for people to find you is through hashtags. (If you're not 100% sure what they are, you can read this post) Instagram lets you use thirty different hashtags per post. I like to save them in a note on Evernote. After I post, I leave the hashtags in a comment along with Instagram's secret code for hiding your (somewhat unsightly) hashtags from view. The secret code is five periods in one line, followed by five lines with one period. It looks like this:







  1. I post to Instagram
  2. Open up Evernote and search "hashtags" to find my notes with the hashtags for the different brands I manage.
  3. Copy the entire note
  4. Open up Instagram and leave a comment on my post pasting the hashtag note (with the period secret code and the hashtags).

Colors, Fonts, Filters

If you're in charge of a brand - even if it's just your personal brand - you're going to want to have a consistent presence. I keep basic information for all the brands I maintain in individual notes so they're easy to call up whether I'm at my desk or on my phone. Each note includes:

  • The six-digit hex code for colors the brand uses
  • Fonts (Note: the font names may be different for different apps that you're using. I put them all there so I can pull them up when I need to)
  • Filters (Again, every program seems to have its own filters. To stay consistent, keep them on file in Evernote)

Oft-Used Blurbs and Descriptions

There are some places that I post to that require a description. And for different reason I may do the same on - or a variation on -  this description every time. A touring show whose social I manage does this. They post a video on YouTube saying hello to the town they're going to be heading to. There's not much difference in what the description of the video should be. They want to say hello, state the name of the show, and a link to tickets. With over 50 tour dates a year, a Note in Evernote helps me simply copy and paste so it's consistent each time.

Check Lists

Just like a pilot doing his final preparations before taking off, if you're going to be doing something more than once it's best to create a check list that you can refer to every time. In Evernote, you can create a checklist so you don't forget any aspect of a repetitive task. Here's a checklist you can have every time you create a blog post.

  • make blog post live
  • shorten blog post link in Hootsuite 
  • take one key point and tweet with shortened URL
  • create an image for Instagram with a quote from the blog post
  • go on FB Live to talk about key points
  • create FB post with key points and link to blog post

Log Ins and Passwords

Is this the most secure way of holding on to your brand's Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/You Name It account info? Probably not. Is it convenient? Yes. Certainly. Just open the app, pull up the note and you're ready to copy and paste the username and password into an email for your star to use when she takes over your brand's Instagram account.

Content Quotes

Keep quotes that your directors, choreographers, and 

Evernote has the ability to share notes with other people as well - I think they have to be Evernote users themselves and I've found that functionality to be a little clunky. I use it for myself. 

I can easily say that Evernote is a part of my day-to-day operations. I use it with nearly all of the content I create and post on social media.