The Big Mistake Facebook Page Admins Make

Have you ever commented on your brand’s Facebook posts and realized that you commented as your brand and not as yourself?

Or have you replied to comments on your brand’s Facebook posts as yourself when you meant to respond as your brand?

This can be really embarrassing for your brand and make you look less professional. So, let’s polish it up so you can confidently comment as the correct account.

Enter, the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Facebook Pages Manager is an important app for anyone who may have to post onto a Facebook Company Page. By delineating it from your personal account you can avoid some common issues that often come up when toggling between two different types of accounts. Here you’ll learn why to use Facebook Pages Manager, some great features to it, and one feature that is surprisingly not available (yet?).

As of this writing the Facebook Pages Manager has only a 2 star review on iTunes- which would normally be a deterrent for me. But given the alternative, go with it anyway to avoid the hassles we mentioned up above.

There have been many times when this interaction has happened both to me and to my clients. In fact, in the past week I've had two different clients that had issues commenting or posting from the wrong accounts to the wrong accounts because they didn't use this app. Here's an example:

Audience member [commenting on the theater company’s Facebook post]: You guys were AWESOME last night! Loved the show.

Me [thinking I am commenting as the theater company but actually commenting as Annie Schiffmann]: Thanks! What was your favorite part?

This is super weird. To the audience member you just seem like a random stranger accepting a compliment that was not given to you. No bueno.

So, I like to keep it clean and use the Facebook Pages Manager app. With this you can post as the company and respond as the company so you can avoid those snafus. 

Other features of this app:


With one tap you can go Live, which is a vital part of any social media strategy.


Facebook’s Inbox feature is especially helpful when there is more than one person managing a Facebook account. It's handy on the app so you can respond to commenters on Facebook, Messenger, AND Instagram all at once all on mobile. Plus make internal notes that only you and your team can read.

Edit Page Roles

A great feature to have on the fly when you want to add someone to be an editor or admin or give them the ability to post to FB Live for your Page.

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See How Your Facebook Page Looks on Mobile

By just using the Facebook Pages Manager app you can get a clear sense of how your Company Page looks on mobile. How is the cover video looking? Or is the call to action button clear? It's nice to have a reminder of what your Page looks like on a phone since that's how people are most likely viewing it.

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Add Stories:

Recently Facebook made it available for Company Pages to post to Facebook Stories and we highly recommend adding this to your strategy as there are rumors that the News Feed is going away.

Bottom Line

The more that you can separate your personal Facebook account from a Company Page the better. This will avoid your liking, commenting, and posting as the wrong account and keep a clean look.

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