Stop Right There! Check This Before You Post to Facebook

Photo by  Robert Baker

Photo by Robert Baker


You are very excited to get some content up on Facebook. THIS is how your theater is going to sell tickets!  THIS is going to build your brand. THIS is going to go viral.

Then disaster. Time after time you post to Facebook only to log on next time and see the number of people reached is considerably smaller than you’d hoped. What the heck are you doing wrong?

We have noticed at Downstage an overall downturn in organic reach in the past few months across all of the brands that we manage. However, in posting for other brands for over three years there are some tried and true tactics to employ to build up the amount of News Feeds your content gets in front of - also known as your "reach."

Here are five questions to ask when you're looking at your engagement numbers. 

Give them a read through and then call us for a personalized one on one notes session to look through your posts and identify how to increase your reach.

You’ll find that you’ll be able to get a consistent base of people who see your content in their News Feeds which will help your relationship with that person deepen as time goes on until they are a loyal buyer.

Are you posting consistently?

If you joined Weight Watchers and on Day 1 you counted your points like crazy, then for two weeks you didn't do anything Weight Watchers related and then start up again on Day 15 it may seem that Weight Watchers isn’t effective. But really, you weren’t being diligent in your actions. It’s the same with Facebook. Post consistently - about 5 times a week - and you’ll see consistent results.

Are you asking for people to like, comment, and share?

This is known as Like baiting or Click baiting and Facebook does not like it. So they will just make sure that no one sees it except your most rabid fans. Facebook knows that people will share it and comment if they are moved by it in some way - not if they are being goaded into doing it. Instead, share meaningful content that inspires, educates, or entertains.

Are you posting at a time of day when your fans are online?

  Facebook Insights will tell you when the fans for your page are online. Schedule your posts to go out at those times.

Are you tagging other organizations that you are involved with? 

If your company is working with another company on a project, tag that other company’s Facebook page. It will help to get in front of more News Feeds since you are getting in front of portions of their audience and your audience.

Have you tended to your Inbox?

We always tout the Facebook Inbox because it’s a great feature for responding to comments. The more comments a post gets, the more traction it will get because it means that people are talking about your comment - which they are. Also, doesn’t everyone want to be acknowledged when they’ve said something? People want to feel heard and validated, and you want to make sure that your company hears and validates its customers.

Take a look at your Facebook content and see if you can beef it up a bit by asking these questions. Still stumped? Have Annie go through your posts and give you notes on them . You can set up your free appointment here.

We are confident that you’ll feel like your time creating content won’t be wasted and you’ll see a steady uptick in your reach and engagement which will help you form stronger bonds with your audience which eventually leads to sales.