Curate Content and Reclaim Your Time

“It’s difficult to create more than two pieces of content per week on a sustained basis, and two pieces are not enough for social media.” Guy Kawasaki

(we don’t get paid by Feedly, we just find it helpful)

(we don’t get paid by Feedly, we just find it helpful)

Coming up with blog posts about big ideas in your industry is not easy - and it’s time consuming. We recommend writing a new blog post about once a week.

But how can you keep feeding the social media machine in the meantime? Do you have to come up with a new blog post every day?

The answer is to curate content - to find relevant information that other people are posting and then putting your two cents in. [Note, I am so annoyed that there is not a symbol on the keyboard for cents. (I mean, really, why is there a poop emoji and not an emoji for half of the symbols of our currency?!)]

It’s a way to put yourself in a light that says, “I know what I’m talking about here” without having to write 350 - 500 words about it.

Enter Feedly.

Feedly is how you can discover articles and blog posts that your audience would care about.

It’s basically an RSS reader. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And it’s a way for blogs and podcasts to be syndicated across different platforms.  You input the blogs that you like and it will show you the most recent posts from that blog. 

Here how to use it on your social media:

On Twitter

Tweet the link out with your two cents that make sense with your niche and tag the author using her @.

On Facebook

Make a video reaction to the article and post that with a link to the article.

On LinkedIn

Write your two cents and include a link to the article.

This is a way to show that you are thoughtful about your industry, give your perspective, start conversation, and pick up some followers in the process. It’s even a way to start a relationship with an author (especially on a platform like Twitter) that may come in handy later on. Like on your podcast or FB Live interview show.