Build Your Brand With and Without Downstage Media's Help


Shout out to the DIY-ers! Hey HEY! You are the ABSOLUTE reason that Downstage Media was started. When I was first starting, I just tried to recreate what the big wigs were doing on a much smaller scale and definitely tighter budget. You can do the same here. I want you to get gigs, build a brand, and sell more stuff. Although Downstage offers "done for you" options where we can take over your accounts and create content for you, there are plenty of ways that you can learn to do it yourself. And if we’ve done our job right, we’ll give you the tools. 

You can do the same thing too and Downstage Media can be your destination for how to do that. All with very little budget. 

Here are three great free options for you, frugal DIY-ers, to get your brand off the ground.

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter. Are Sundays when you reflect and take a little time looking inward? Maybe over a cup of coffee? Each Sunday Downstage Media puts out an email that has one big idea for you to consider during the day and one tiny action step that you can take to implement it. Subscribe here. Totally free.
  2. Tune in to the What I Learned This Week (WLTW) show on Fridays at 2PM. You know those little AHA moments that come up during the week? I write them down on the blog and then share them on Instagram Live. Last Friday a viewer said, “This is great information! I’ll see you next week!” Follow @DownstageMedia on Instagram
  3. Join in on Facebook Live. Get your questions answered on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month on Facebook Live. Based on what our clients are asking and what is new and changing in social media. A good deep dive into the tactics you’ll want to use to use social media. Get notified when Downstage Media goes live.

What is one question that you have about social media that I can answer? Leave it below. Most likely I’ve already fumbled around Google trying to find it.