Setting Reminders for Event Invitations Via Your Google Content Calendar

From time to time you may have an event that is happening and say, “I can take photos for social media, can you just remind me?” Or, “I can write a blog post, can you just remind me?”

Yes, of course! Here is how you can set that up. At Downstage, we will put an event into your brand’s Google Content Calendar and you’ll get an invitation in an email. Here are next steps for you.

Creating and Customizing Reminders

Screenshot 2018-09-11 13.54.12.png

When you receive your email invitation

  1. You will get an email with an invitation for your event. The subject will tell you what kind of event it is (blog post, meeting, etc)

  2. Choose “More Options” where it says “Going?”

Pick the Options that Work for You

Click the Pencil in the Upper Left Corner of the pop up box

  1. Click “More actions” in the Upper Right Corner of the new box to copy to your own personal Google Calendar so you’ll be able to see it with your other appointments. (see below)

  2. Click “Going” below where it says “More Actions” then choose “Yes” from the dropdown menu.

  3. Under “Event Details” choose how you’d like to be reminded (email or notification).

  4. Choose how many days in advance you’d like to be reminded.

  5. Choose what time you’d like to be reminded.

  6. Choose if you’d like a second reminder.

Hit Save

Once you’ve gotten your reminders all set up, when the day arrives you’re ready to start taking pictures and video!

Download a ShotList

Now that you know your event is happening, what kind of pictures and videos are helpful? Take a look at any of our free downloadable shotlists and get ready for a great event!