Results That Make Us Smile at Downstage Media

At Downstage Media we work so that your work gets seen. We know what it’s like to have empty houses and feel like your work doesn’t matter. We are determined that your brand will have a social media plan implemented to build an audience.

Amidst all that work there are moments that make us smile. Here are some celebrations big and small.

  • Hearing from a client’s agent that they weren’t going to sign him until they vetted his social media platforms - and they signed him!

  • Seeing a client’s show go to the next level - an Off Broadway run!

  • When an influencer tweets about how great your client’s show is.

  • When a client says, “this is sooo helpful! Thank you!"

  • Triple digit increases on Facebook video views.


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  • When a client says, “I don’t even worry about our social because you’ve got this."

  • Facebook comments like this one below.

  • Reviews from clients like these.

  • When the follower and engagement count increases for all of your clients in one month.

  • When a post we created for a client goes viral and gets 41 shares.

Screenshot 2019-05-02 22.43.34.png

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  • An Instagram DM from an ecstatic client saying she's reached 1000 followers.


Often we think of results as data, but when we take them this way, it’s more emotional. 1000 followers is a static number, but for someone who had it in the back of her head to do something about her social media dn then finally did it and started working with us and then hit this milestone it’s way more than that.

Your art matters. Your work matters. We are ready to help you build your audience so they can experience your art.

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