Have a Social Media Presence You Can Be Proud Of

Yes, there is a vast world out there known as social media and it can be overwhelming. In order for your brand to succeed, though, there are some simple, simple theories to use repeatedly (see what just happened there?). After years handling social media for artists, here is the basic nitty gritty in order to have a social media presence. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a feed that you can be proud of.

Choose Two Platforms, Three if You Have Time On Your Hands

Find the two social media platforms that make the most sense to you because 1) it’s where your audience is already 2) it puts you in your best light. There are so many different options out there, that for sure you will find two that work for you. Note that this post did not tell you to be on all of them or to be on the one that you think you should be on because that’s what everyone is doing now.

Create a Content Calendar

This part may seem odd, but just like having your meals planned out, having your posts planned out will make your life ten times easier. There will be days that you aren’t inspired and you won’t have any idea what to post, but if you’ve planned it out ahead of time, you’ll be able to get over your writer’s block. (poster’s block?) We have helped actors and authors with this, specifically, with great results. Find out more.

Post Relevant Stuff Regularly

If you were a big, major brand like Hamilton you’d want to be keenly aware of which days to post and at what times. But to any brand just getting started, we recommend posting more often than not in any given week. So that would be about four times a week. This is not necessarily going to get you tens of thousands of followers, but if you want a feed that you can be proud of, regular posting will do it.

Also, be sure to post what your audience wants to see. If you are a theater company, then you don’t have to show us how you hit the gym that morning.

Reply to All Comments

If a Broadway performer can stage door after the second show in a two show day you can reply to all of the comments you receive on social media.

Celebrate Other People’s Successes

Comment on other people’s posts. Retweet when they have something exciting happening to them. Social media can seem very competitive (Look! They sold out their show and we didn’t!) But if you put your energies into celebrating the people that you know and follow, you will feel infinitely better about your own work.

Get Started Now

If after reading this you have follow up questions, we can help you.