The Steps to a Perfect Back Up Plan Are Easier Than You Think

It’s time to get dressed for an audition in the morning. You check your closet only to find that the shirt you were planning to wear today isn’t in there! You scramble to the dirty clothes basket only to remember that you never ran the washer yesterday as you’d planned. So what do you do? You don’t go out without a shirt! You find something else to wear!

Guest Blogger Lindsey Schatz

of Schatz Virtual Solutions

Having a backup plan comes in handy for more than just getting ready for an audition. It’s important for any performing artist to have backup plans when you are marketing yourself as well. Think of them as the understudies for your social media. (Tweet this)

Here Lindsey Schatz from Schatz Virtual Solutions breaks down four key steps to make sure that your social has a better chance of staying up and running when the unexpected happens.

Have Someone Waiting in the Wings

Being a one man or one woman show can backfire sometimes. If you get sick or a family emergency comes up, the show must go on and the posts must go up! This is why it’s so crucial to always have someone waiting in the wings.

This person can be someone who can find a replacement for you or take care of things when something comes up. This may even be someone who can help you brainstorm a fix when you are out of ideas!

Know Your Options

Programs will fail and applications won’t work the way we want them to sometimes. You may never need to use a secondary scheduler for your social media, or a different photo editor, or any number of other backup options - but it’s good to have them in place.

If something happens to your primary application or program, you will have a backup that you can use! And it’s not just having a backup application. Knowing the basics of how your backup options work and how to use them will make switching over a breeze! When you need a backup plan, you will have a quick and easy solution that you can use to save yourself in these situations.

Create an “If This Then That” Plan

An “if this then that” plan is an important part of being prepared in case of the unavoidable failed plans. Before you are placed in a panic situation where you need to act quickly, it’s important to line up a set of instructions for yourself.

If you can think up ideas for what to do when something happens ahead of time, you can easily mitigate those issues! You won’t be able to predict every scenario, but you may be able to put a plan in place to help you with some of the issues that could arise.

Be Calm

When you are in the middle of a crisis, the most important thing you can do is remain calm. There are very few career-ending crises that may occur in your lifetime. When you are in the moment, it’s easy to imagine the worst case scenario. Breathe.

When things go wrong, try your best to stay calm. Follow your “if this then that” plan, contact someone for help if you need to, or rethink your approach. Sometimes this is all it takes to diffuse a crisis!

Put Your Backup Plan in Place for Free

We’re ready to help you create your backup plan - we’ll make recommendations for backup apps you can use, create “if this then that plans” and can even be your go-to person waiting in the wings - for free!