How to Make Your Instagram Live Last Longer Than 24 Hours

Instagram Lives fall under the category of “ethereal content - a term marketers throw around to mean stuff that you post that will disappear. Keep reading to learn how you can turn your Instagram Live videos into content that reaches farther than just your Instagram followers, and lasts longer than 24 hours.

Save Before You Share

When you have finished your Instagram Live you will be very tempted to push Share. It’s that big button at the bottom of the screen that you would naturally hit. Don’t. Yet.


Instead, hit the button on the upper right hand corner that says Save. This will Save your video to your Camera Roll.

Note: if you don’t save the Instagram Live at this point you won’t be able to do it later.

There is an exception to this: when someone has joined you on your Instagram Live, then you won’t have the option to save directly from Instagram. Instead, use the Screen Recording app on your phone. (A simple Google search will find you a way to record your screen with the make and model of your exact phone).

Create Custom Thumbnails From Your IG Live

Take a screenshot from some point of your saved Instagram Live to use for your custom thumbnails. You're going to make your IG Live into a video for YouTube and IGTV. When you have a custom thumbnail, your audience can get a clear pictures at a glance about your content and will be more likely to click on it to watch. 

Use an app like Canva, PicMonkey, or any other variety of photo editing apps to create a custom thumbnail that will work for both YouTube and IGTV.

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Upload the Video to YouTube

Now that you have your custom thumbnails you can upload the video to YouTube. 

You can also use a mobile video editing app - I like InShot - to make it the correct format for YouTube and also add your logo to the corner, or other fun branding stuff.

Remember to create a clear title, a simple description (with your URLS), and use tags so your videos can be found easier. 

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Embed the YouTube Vid Onto Your Site

Now that the video is on YouTube, you can put it on your website. Here are some ways you can do that with finesse:

  • If it’s an informational video - let’s say it shows your reader how you write a song - then you may want to write a blog post about your songwriting process and include your Instagram Live video.

  • If it’s a video showing rehearsal footage, maybe you post that to an Event page for your video.

The point is, video on pages can increase conversion by 80% (according to a study by, so anywhere on your website that you can create context for this video will be helpful.

Upload to IGTV

Where to find IGTV on Instagram.

Where to find IGTV on Instagram.

Note: if you don’t edit the cover at this point you won’t be able to do it later.

Note: if you don’t edit the cover at this point you won’t be able to do it later.

IGTV is like YouTube for Instagram - although the videos are always formatted for portrait size. You can upload videos to it by clicking that little television icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Your IG Live video will be up for 24 hours. So the next day, when your IG Live video is about to go away, you can post the video of the Instagram Live to IGTV. (If you don’t have time to do it the next day, then you can always just post it the same day. Whichever makes your life easier)

Create a title (like the same one from YouTube), description (same, from YouTube), and edit your cover with the IGTV thumbnail that you made earlier. 

Note: if you don’t edit the cover at this point you won’t be able to do it later.

Tap the slider so you can Make Visible on Facebook. This will go to the Facebook account that is associated with your Instagram account. 

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There you have it!

Now, your Instagram Live has been made into:

  • a YouTube video

  • a blog post

  • an IGTV video

  • a Facebook Video

Bonus! If you’re still on board here’s how your audience can find your IGTV vids

You can only use the "Swipe Up” feature to direct people to a link on your Instagram Story if you are verified or have ten thousand followers.

The exception to this rule is if you have a video on IGTV that you’d like to promote. Here’s how to do that:

  • Create a story by pushing the little house and then swiping left. 

  • Take a Normal picture, or a Boomerang or whatever.

  • Click the chain link icon to add the Call to Action to get people to watch your IGTV video.

Now, you can point people in the direction of that video whenever you want!

So if you are worried that you’re going to create great content and it’s going to disappear within 24 hours, follow these steps and know that by using these tactics your work can get seen by more people.

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