How to Prep for Your Facebook Live

Facebook Live has been a part of Facebook since 2016, and can have a big impact on your brand. Let's make the case for you to consider it - and give you some ideas to start using it right away. Plus, you'll find at the end of the blog post a checklist to download and have handy the next time you go live.

I've used FB Live as a key part of the social media strategy for all of my clients and I have done over 35 interviews with my clients live and online. Here is what I have found.

Reasons to Go Live:

  • FB gives preferential treatment to Live videos and makes them more visible in News Feeds
  • It's a great way to know the people behind your brand's brand
  • People will watch your video when it's live longer than when it's available on your Facebook Page
  • You can chop it up into little pieces later on and have MORE content

How do you go Live:

  • You can use the Live function right on Facebook - whether in the app or on the desktop platform.
  • You can use a third party app called BeLive.TV - there are others out there, but I like the functionality of this one - so that you can add branding and have multiple people interviewed at once.

Consider Your Content:

Whether you are looking to inform or entertain have something interactive planned. If you're a musician, take a request. If you're interviewing the star of your new show, ask the audience for questions.

Unlike a TV show and even a live show where someone might just watch you, on Facebook people are looking to comment and give a thumbs up. use that! Ask your audience questions and give them a chance to answer, solicit questions from them on whatever topic you're discussing, ask for comments, you can ask for thumbs ups and hearts. You can thank the people who are responding - and even use their names. 

Times to Go Live:

  • Look in the Insights area of your Facebook Page. Then click where it says Posts. You'll see a chart that shows you when your audience is on Facebook. Schedule your FB Live accordingly.
  • Between 6p - 9p is a good time because people are in TV watching mode - if you're an entertainment-type brand. Or, they may be in sidehustle-learning mode and want informational-type content. I have read that many people check out FB Lives between 1-3 as a break in people's work days, but I've found that doesn't necessarily work for the clients I've tried this with. 
  • Now. Just try it. It may not be perfect, but it will get you used to it. And done is better than perfect.

Download Your Checklist

Below you'll be able to download a checklist to be prepped for your Facebook Live. You'll find tips on lighting, audio, content, and more! It's three pages of downloadable info for you to have handy the next time you're getting ready to go live!