How to Promote a YouTube Video on Instagram

Someone just sent you a URL of a video that’s posted on YouTube and you want to share it far and wide. The only trouble is, promoting a YouTube video on Instagram isn’t as easy as copying and pasting a link into a tweet. So what can you do? In this video you’ll get a plan on how to use Instagram and Instagram Stories to let your followers know about your video - whether or not you’re verified.

Why Promote YouTube Videos on Instagram

Even though it may feel like you are sharing the video far and wide - on YouTube, in emails, using Facebook Messenger Marketing, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitter - there are still people who only follow you on Instagram. You want those followers to understand you, your work, and connect with you.

When they can see your work and see you your followers will form a deeper connection with you which in turn will earn their attention more in the future.

The Plan

  1. Take a screenshot of a compelling moment in the video that highlights you.

  2. Edit this video so that it’s square. Note: you may need to use PicMonkey or InShot to get it right.

  3. Change the link in your Instagram bio to the YouTube URL. (Use to have multiple links in your Instagram bio)

  4. Post the edited screenshot to Instagram.

Note: Your caption in your Instagram post is key to make your image make sense to your audience. Here’s what your caption should include:

  • tag anyone that you worked with on the video (especially anyone in the screenshot)

  • “set up the clip” as though you’re on a talk show to give context for the video they’re about to see

  • have a Call to Action that says “link in the bio”

Instagram Stories Bonus

You can also let your followers know about your YouTube video by creating a post in Instagram Stories. Even using something simple like TYPE will allow you to write a little something about how great the video is. And then you can say "link in the bio.”

If you are verified you can do the same thing, just include the link to the post and ask your followers to “Swipe Up.”

Bonus to the Bonus

After 24 hours that Instagram Stories post will disappear, although it will be archived. Create a Highlight called “commercials or “interviews” (or something relevant to the video) and put that Instagram Story post in that Highlight. Now that post is there permanently. Well, at least until you edit the Highlight.

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