How to Boost Instagram Engagement Even If You Don't Have A Lot of Followers

Instagram is not always as easy as it looks. Sure, hitting “post” on a picture of you and your cast on Opening Night or of your dinner on tour is quite simple, but when you’re trying to get 100 likes on a picture with only 79 followers, chances seem close to grim. Don’t fret, however, because anyone can start boosting their engagement numbers on the social media app right now.

Want more likes, followers and comments? Here are three simple yet key steps to achieve this.

Step One: If you want people to engage with you, you need to engage with them first.

You can’t expect people to engage with your post if you refuse to engage with theirs. For starters, begin following accounts of people who fall within the same brand or niche as you (more on that in Step Three). Then, comment and like their posts regularly, starting a dialogue with them. Once you’ve done that, chances are that they’ll do the same on your pictures. When people drop you a comment, make sure to reply in a timeline fashion to show them you saw what they said. Starting a conversation is the best way to both show your personality and start boosting engagement.

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Step Two: Utilize hashtags on every post.

If you want to boost engagement, you should be posting on Instagram regularly. But every time you post, make sure you’re including some hashtags in your caption. Instagram allows users to use up to 30 hashtags per post. So, it’s best to have 15 or 20 hashtags that are you go-tos; Hashtags that you post on every single picture. Then, with the remaining 10 or 15 hashtags, tailor them to that specific post. For instance, if you’re posting a picture of your family in New York City, use you 20 regular hashtags and then do 10 about NYC. Doing so will increase the number of people who see your posts. The more they see your posts, the more likely they are to engage and follow you.

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Step Three: Hone in on your brand and niche.

In order to be successful on Instagram, you need to know precisely what your brand is. When a stranger comes across your account, they want to know right away what you’re all about and why exactly they should follow you. If you want to be a food blogger, you posts should all be about food. If you have an interesting job, your Instagram should be tailored to that. By focusing in on your brand, you’re more likely to find the audience who will want to regularly engage with you and who look forward to seeing your posts every day.

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