My 3 Words 2018



My mentor, Chris Brogan - who I first heard speaking while I was backstage waiting to perform at a tech conference - abandoned resolutions a few years back and has opted instead to choose three words that will guide him throughout the year. (You can read more about his three words in his own words here)

Embracing this concept I’ve seen it work better some years (2017) than others (2016). Entirely due to user error.

I’m going to identify mine now, and hope it will get your own juices flowing to create your three words for the year.

As an owner of a fledgling company, each one is in the pursuit of nurturing Downstage Media to grow - while not forgetting myself in the process. Here is each word:

Lead - (rhymes with “seed” not “said.”) Downstage is devoted to taking the lead in social media for the performing arts. It’s also a command to be a leader to those that I work with.

Clarity - In what I do each quarter, month, week, day, and task; Clarity in aesthetic and voice for each brand I represent.

Automate - In running a lean operation like Downstage, it’s imperative to use automation wherever I can to free me up for more personal interactions with clients. Simple tasks that don’t require my skill or expertise will be delegated or automated. Is it weird that I’m super excited for this one especially?

So what words will guide you in 2018? Leave a comment below!