Three Words for 2019

Some people start a new year with a resolution. Others create SMART goals. Chris Brogan - one of my mentors - starts a new year with three words. I’ve done it for the past three years and find this practice very helpful in staying on track. Here you’ll find what this practice is, the three words I’ve chosen for Downstage Media, and how to create your own.

Why Three Words

Chris Brogan goes into it in more detail on his blog, but the basic idea is that you choose three words to govern your choices throughout the day, which builds to a week, then a month, then a year. They become lighthouses to help direct you when faced with questions like whether or not to take on a project.

You can’t use a phrase with three words in it, like “finish my play.”

My Three Words

This year my three words are: Profit, Share, and Speed skate (which really acts and sounds like one word). I chose them for how to guide Downstage Media as well, whereas in the past the 3 words have been more personal to me.


After reading the book Profit First I felt like a light bulb had finally turned on in my brain. As a theater kid , math was never my strongest subject, and not one that I thought I needed. Until I started my own company and realized that terms like profit margin, profit sharing, and profitability are all very important in different ways. Profit First empowers me to run Downstage Media’s finances in a fiscally responsible way - even though I’ve never taken an accounting or bookkeeping class in my life. But the method requires discipline and regular attention, so profit is helpful to keep in the front of my mind.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that sharing is vital in running Downstage Media. We want to be creating content that people want to share - whether because it’s entertaining, informative, or emotional. We also want to share the stage with other artists - which is why we’ve introduced WLTW to having guests on it.

Speed skating (yes this is two words, but you know it should be one, like football)

I’ve always loved the sport speed skating. Those athletes just glide on the ice so fast! And when they put their hands down on the ice? That is literally so cool. They are fast, efficient, graceful, and in control. You never really see a speed skater flailing around on the ice. When we're working on multiple projects in a variety of media, the visual of a speed skater is helpful to breathe and move swiftly, but mindfully.

2018’s words: Lead, Clarity, Automate

2017’s words: Wings, Break, Frog

Try Three Words

Now it’s your turn to give it a try. What are your 3 words for 2019?

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