The Really Busy Actor’s Guide to Promoting Your Play

The show that you are acting in has a run of performances coming up and you want to help spread the word. But, you know, you have a lot going on - you’re focused on your performance for crying out loud. Not to mention all of the other gillions of things you’re working on to live that #actorlife. Let’s keep it easy for you - simply share the posts that the official accounts for the show are putting up on social.

By sharing these posts you are helping yourself too! Here’s how:

  1. build your personal brand - by posting what you’re working on throughout social media you are letting the world know that you are a working actor

  2. get more people in the seats - we all know a full house feels better to perform to than an empty one

  3. curry favor with the producers - let’s face it: everyone wants more exposure for their show. If you’re posting on social media your producers and directors will notice (and perhaps hire you again!)

But how do yo know when your show ‘s official account is posting? Enter notifications.

Here’s how to set that up across the major social media platforms. Since phones and tablets are all a little different, you'll find the instructions for the desktop versions of the platforms but know that on mobile the process is almost identical.

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How to Get Notifications from a Facebook Company Page

Notifications show up in that globe on your desktop.

  1. Like the Company Page for your show.

  2. Under Following choose Notifications.

  3. Use the pencil to edit how often you get notified. Then you have a choice.

- all of the posts. (Standard)

- some of the posts (Highlights)

- none of the posts (None) - helpful after the show has closed

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How to Get Notified When an Instagram Account posts

These notifications will come up on your phone. 

  1. Follow the account on Instagram.

  2. Hit the three dots at the top of the of the account

  3. Choose Turn on Post Notifications to find out when a new post goes up from that account

  4. Choose Turn on Story Notifications to find out when a new Instagram Story goes up from that account

How to Get Notified when a Twitter Account posts

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You can also get a notification on your phone when a specific Twitter account tweets. This is good if you’d like to retweet something that your show is tweeting out. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Follow the account on Twitter

  2. Hit the three dots to the right of the follow button.

  3. Choose turn on mobile notifications

Bonus! Here are a couple of other ways to keep up with the company that you are working with:

  • on Instagram follow the hashtag for your show and/or theater company

  • add their Twitter account to a list that you create called “People You Work With.” Check this list weekly and retweet their posts.

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