Rehearsal Shot List

Photo by  Joy Real  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joy Real on Unsplash

There is an inherent glee that is to be experienced during a rehearsal for a play or a musical. For the actors it's I have work! I get to do my craft! For the director it's I have work! I get to bring my vision to life! For the stage manager it's Of course, I have work and these flakes would be lost without me. All of these points of view are valid and deserve to have the creative process captured.

More Than Just Fun Behind-the-Scenes

Rehearsal shots build expectation for the coming show. They can be super artsy a la this one for Sunday in the Park with George starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

But many times you don't have the luxury of a director for your rehearsal shots. So you have someone on the social media team to do it. This can be tricky, though, especially if you're based in a different city - or even state - than the cast and crew. So you may need to ask someone in the cast to do it for you. This usually creates a symbiotic relationship - actors are often building a personal brand and are happy for the extra exposure, you get the content that you need.

So you'll want to get some rehearsal shots to create a video. But you don't only want selfies of actors and the director making duck lips. One or two may be cute, but you want a little more content with your content. And so does your audience. So I've put together a helpful checklist that I have sent to actors to record the rehearsal process. You'll find it below. Any and all of this content can be taken on any smartphone. 

What To Do With These Rehearsal Shots

If you follow the guidelines on the file you will have lots of creative options for content. For example:

  • a 1 min video of all of the content edited together for Twitter/FB/Instagram
  • a number of different still shots that can be spread out for the next few weeks across FB and Instagram
  • 1 or two videos that could be made into a gif for Twitter
  • an image with a quote from the director for Instagram and FB
  • a video greater than 1 min for FB and YouTube of all of it edited together

Here's an example of one that I made for Broadway's Next Hit Musical after a cast member and producer took some footage for Snapchat. This did not take me very long at all to do. Maybe 30 minutes at the most.


A taste of last night's rehearsal.

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As you can see there are LOTS of options. Think about the strengths of the people that you're working with and play to them! 

How has this worked for you? Send me an email with a link to your video and share your experiences!

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