Three Points Sean Ely Wished He'd Said on FB Live

Sean Ely

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After finishing an information-packed FB Live, Sean Ely of Number Six With Cheese sent an email with even more points to add. Here's what he said, verbatim:

[Read a cheat seat of what he covered about building a brand, taking sponsorships, and building a community on said on Facebook Live. YOUTUBE TAKEAWAYS WITH SEAN ELY FROM NUMBER SIX WITH CHEESE]

  • Oversaturation: Everyone is uploading every second of every day: Instagram pictures, videos on their stories, posts that serve no actual value and don't constitute as "art" of any kind. It's just "noise" - and I call it "living in the era of suck" because 99% of people don't wait and post meaningful, edited, well-done content. It's just being thrown out there for validation. And I despise that. I think the true digital artists take a solid interest in what they put out, no matter what social platform they're posting to. Corey and I make sure to do that with N6WC. I do it with my own videography business. Have respect for yourself and filter your content.
  • Relationships: No one cares about your cool drone picture or your epic timelapse hanging outside a car with a GoPro unless you develop a relationship with the audience you're making for. Understand the viewpoint of the viewer and take into account what THEY want to see and hear. They're the key. Not your story. Tell a story THROUGH them, and it's 10x more likely to be adored by the people you create for.
  • Charge a late fee: This is just a funny little thing I love saying to up-and-coming content makers who plan to invoice clients and make things (for money), for other people. Add a "If invoice is not paid by Net 30 due date, a 15% fee of the total will be immediately added." Take care of yourself as an artist and don't let clients push you around because you're just someone who freelances :)

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