Two Must-Haves Before Promoting Your Show

You have a show coming out. Yes! Yes! Yes! But there’s nothing worse than posting all about your new project on social media and get tons and tons of comments and likes, and not be able to point them in the direction of how they can get tickets. So in this post we’ll break down two items that you need to have before you tell anyone about your upcoming show.

A Way To Capture Potential Ticket Buyers’ Information

If the ticketing link is not up and ready yet, then make sure there is a way to capture anyone who is interested in the show’s information. This can be their email address, or if it’s done via FB Messenger, then their profile info.

Note: we are big proponents of using Facebook Messenger Marketing since the open rates are four times higher than open rates for email messages.

Here’s how to do it: set up a simple landing page with the basic information about your show. Very little information on here is good. The graphic for the show, date, time, location, and a promo video are all you need. Then just include a sign up box that says something like, “Get updates about discounted tickets, VIP packages, and sneak peeks of the show!”

When the ticket link is up and running, then you’ll already have a database of people lined up to buy!

Ticketing Link

If the ticket link is ready, then by all means, send people in that direction.

Note: although there are many ways that you can give people a link to buy tickets, at Downstage we highly recommend embedding the ticketing service or the point of sale into your website if it’s not already there. You are the owner of your website and you have way more control over what else your audience will see than if they go to Eventbrite, or Brown Paper Tickets or one of the other ticketing services.

Then Spread the Word

After either one of those two pieces of the puzzle are in place, it’s time to make some great content to tell others about your show. Go for it!

More On Using Chatbots

For more information about how to use Facebook Messenger Marketing (sometimes called “chatbots”) download the notes from a recent FB Live all about Messenger Marketing for Theater People.