How A Social Media Consultant Will Make You More Proactive

As a small business owner in the performing arts world, your day to day can be pretty hectic. Many times you are wearing lots of different hats and there’s that nagging feeling you need to do more on social media.

At Downstage Media we consult with creative business owners like you every day. We know the struggles you go through. When you sign up for The One Act with us, your social media marketing becomes one less thing you have to react to because you are more proactive in your business on the whole. And when you anticipate what will happen in your business, your hair will be on fire a lot less of the time.

Here are real life examples of how hiring a social media consultant will help you stop reacting and start proacting. (Sidenote: why isn’t proacting an actual word?)

Looking 60 Days Ahead

In the first week of each month Annie Schiffmann will sit down with you and go through what events are coming up for the next two months. Have a show starting rehearsals? We’ll add that to your Content Calendar and talk you through how to capitalize on that. This is usually a very fun, creative time where we brainstorm different ways to get the most out of your content - even if you have little money to create it. How often do you take the time to look through the next 60 days of your calendar? Wouldn’t just that monthly check in help you enormously to anticipate what your business will look like?

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Discovering What Works

Once you start creating content regularly, you will see patterns of what your audience responds to. Once you know what they respond to, you can create more posts giving them what they want. Maybe your audience loves it when you ask open ended questions and they always chime in with comments. We’ll create a list of other open ended questions so that the next time you sit down to create this type of post you’re ready.

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Anticipating What They Want

Another benefit to looking at your social media with a second set of eyes is that you can see what your audience likes on the whole. Do actor interview posts overwhelmingly get more likes or retweets? Then experiment with offering behind-the-scenes tours as a VIP perk to early bird ticket buyers. Take the insights that you can get from social media offline and use them to build your business and create audiences that can’t get enough of you because you are giving them what they have been telling you they want!

You could keep having that worry in the back of your head that you “need to do more on social media” and keep spinning your wheels. Or, you could hire a social media consultant and know part of your marketing is taken care of - and how that will benefit your entire production.

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