Stretch Your Social Media Budget


Not many people get into theater for the money. Movies, maybe. Theater? Not so much. You don’t really hear of a lot of not for profit movie studios out there, do you? Here’s a way that you can really stretch your marketing dollars much farther whether you’re an actor, theater company, or touring troupe on a budget.

Start with the Staged Reading

The Staged Reading is a great way to get a good foundation going on your social media. Or to have a good tune up. In about two months you’ll have new cover images, and updated pages for the two platforms that make the most sense for your company to be on. This will cost you only $197. Sweet!

Move on to the One Act

The One Act is our consulting services. Find the person in your organization that knows the most about social media. That person who is creative, witty, and can think on her feet. Have that person work with Annie at Downstage. Together, Annie will set up a content calendar for her to follower and give regular check ins on how it’s all working. You’ll be able to check out analytics and work through obstacles. And this starts at only $99/month

Think about that! You’ll have fourteen months of professional guidance with your social media for less than what many companies pay in a month. Yes, you’ll have to actually create the posts yourself, but you’ll have someone walking you through every step of the way.