ST@GE: 5 Things Every Instagram Post Needs

Often we are used to snapping photos and posting them up on Instagram with a cute caption. But when you’re and actor or a producer using Instagram to promote your show, brand, or business there are a few more layers involved in each post. The problem is - you may not even realize what these elements are and they could be costing you lots of likes, comments, and even ticket sales!

At Downstage Media not only have we created hundreds of posts for Instagram, we’ve interacted with thousands of them as part of our Weekly Engagement Plan. We put together a mnemonic device to remember what every Instagram post needs - ST@GE.

S - Sincere

The most important part of any interaction online is sincerity. Just be who you are. Talk like yourself, accept your foibles, celebrate your friends. Do all of those things like you do in real life. If you are managing a brand account, find the voice of your brand and start speaking from the heart. Sincerity resonates. (Tweet this)

T - Tag

Hashtags are very important for growing your account. A good hashtag will help to get your account in front of more people. So don’t forget to use them. We like using 30 strategic hashtags (the max that IG lets you use). Also, some people like to put the hashtags in the comments so it makes their caption look neater. Go for it, but we put the hashtags in the caption since we use third party tools to schedule our posts ahead of time.

ProTip: Hashtags have to be all one word with no symbols.

@ - Accounts

Now that you’ve got a sincere caption and your hashtags it’s time to add in the accounts that are relevant for that picture. For example, let’s say that you are an actor performing at a theater for a festival and a production company has booked you. You’ll want to make sure that you @ the theater itself, the festival, and the company that hired you. This is great because the accounts that you’ve tagged will get a notification that you’ve done so, and your photo becomes part of their account. So other people can see your photo, which gains more exposure for you.

ProTip: Don’t tag an account that has nothing to do with the picture just so that you can get their attention when they get the notification. This is spammy and lame.

G - Geo Tagging

Yes, on Instagram you can be tagged, use a hashtag, and geotag. Whew! We haven’t used the word tag this much since third grade recess! Anyway, on Instagram, you can search for photos based on a location. So if you’d like that post you took of the the theater to show up in searches, make sure to geotag it. When you upload the pic to Instagram, just Add Location and you’ll see a few choices pop up.

E - Emojis

According to an experiment by SocialMedia Lab, emojis lead to higher engagement on Instagram.

So put a couple of them in there and have a little fun!

When you are inconsistent with these techniques you could be missing out on new followers (like when you geotag), new relationships (like when you tag someone's account), and more engagement (like when you use the right hashtags). So take to the ST@GE for the next 30 days and let us know how it affects your engagement and follower count.