5 of the Most Inspiring Theater Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter can be used for a lot of things: To stay informed on news, to promote shows and to connect with others. But sometimes, we turn to Twitter for not-so-pressing issues as well! Sometimes, we just want to have fun, laugh and be inspired. And for theater people like us, that’s no problem considering all the inspiring theater twitter accounts there are, each more #Relatable than the last. Here are 5 of them to follow ASAP that will brighten up your Twitter timeline.

  1. Theatre Kid Problems (@TheatricalProbs)

With a mix between humorous and inspiring content, this account is sure to put a smile on your face. We sometimes need the daily reminders to push forward and keep creating, and this account surely provides that.

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2. Theatre Problems (@TheatreProblems)

This is an account we can all relate to. Whether you're on Broadway or in a high school show, this account will have you saying “wow, me!” every day. Theatre Problems has really bonded theatre professionals and fans over the years and now, it’s become a community on Twitter of love and inspiration.

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3. Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel)

He’s the king of Twitter, as we all know, but Lin-Manuel Miranda provides the most inspiring thoughts on his account for all theater people whether you’re an actor, stagehand, costume designer, etc.

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4. Theatre Kid Thing (@TheatreKidThing)

This account combines memes with super practical advice for all theatre professionals and lovers. And let’s be real: We can always use both of those things.

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5. Rachel Zegler (@RachelZegler)

Does the name Rachel Zegler sound familiar? That’s probably because this high school senior was just cast in the new West Side Story remake! Her Twitter stardom is new, but she’s somehow managed to make the most inspiring theatre account, drawing together theatre lovers from all over the world.

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6. Bonus! Downstage Media (@DownstageMedia)

Hey, we happen to think we’re doing some fun stuff on Twitter - from polls to gifs to Twitter chats - we are very active on Twitter. When you follow us you’ll get lots of useful information about promoting your art on social media, as well as polls and questions to make you smile.

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