When Shows Get It Right on Social

I had a meeting a couple of days ago and was asked what shows I think are doing the right kind of marketing. Which shows are embracing social media well? Of all of the shows that I keep up with on social media, here are the ones that have cut through the noise.

Staying on Brand - Something Rotten Embraces Its Stink

Like all theater nerds, I love reading reviews when shows open. And, well, Something Rotten's notice from The New York Times left a bit to be desired, to put it mildly. So what the SpotCo and the producing team do? Owned it with an ad that was right on brand for a show about pleasing audiences above all. It's also a funny illustration that gives a clear sense of the time and place for the show. Bravo.

Give The Fans What They Want - And Don't Ignore the Hamilton in the Room

If Twitter is a cocktail party then Hamilton is the guest of honor. All eyes are on it and its ubiquitous author Lin-Manuel Miranda. Honestly, rightfully so. From #Ham4Ham to Snapchat and Instagram Story takeovers to #MannequinChallenges Hamilton is clearly embracing social media. Fans may not be able to get tickets per se, but they are able to get a dose of their favorite show via multiple platforms. Shout out to swing Andrew Chappelle for being the emotional heart and face of the show. It seems whenever Hamilton is trying something new, they ask him to be a part of it and he is always game and always delivers.

Who is on your radar?

I'd like to give a mention to Dear Evan Hansen for infiltrating my feed for nearly a year before opening. They had a quiet, and persistent strategy that had me asking two months ago, "Wait, it hasn't opened yet?" It has just felt like a part of the Broadway landscape without technically being in it.

Who's on your radar in the '16-'17 Broadway season? Send me a tweet @annieschiff