Timeline for #WLTW Guests

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You’re going to be a guest on our weekly Instagram Live show - WLTW. Great! Here is a recommended timeline of what to post when. As well as files for you to download to use on social media.

Are these mandatory? No. The Downstage Media police won’t crack down on you. But Lives are always more fun with friends. So this is a way to get more of your friends to join in.

7 Days Ahead of Time (or more)

With a week or more before the show, you’ll want to get your infrastructure in place so that people can find out that you’re a guest on What I Learned This Week and where to check it out.


Add a new event to your company website’s calendar as well as your own personal website’s calendar. You can use the Events that we have on our page as a guide.

Social Media Events

Another option is to RSVP to Facebook Event for your specific WLTW. You’ll find those events here.

Bonus: write something in the discussion for your date. Saying something like:

Looking forward to finding out what you learned and sharing what I picked up this week!

Cherry on top bonus: Share this event with your friends and ask them to RSVP.


5 Days Ahead of Time

Email Marketing

Send out an email to your personal email list telling them about WLTW and asking them to save the date to join, saying something like this:

Save the Date!

You know how your weeks usually slam into your weekends and you never really take stock of what you learned? Or didn’t have a second to consider how you grew as a person, artist, or business?

Been there.

In a few days I’m going to share What I Learned This Week on Downstage Media’s WLTW show on Instagram Live. And you’ll have the chance to figure out what you learned this week and share it too!

Save the date:

Friday, [insert date here]


Details and reminders here: https://downstage.media/events/

Join me in taking ten minutes to take stock of the week and make sure we’re moving in the right direction to achieve our goals!

If you are in charge of a company’s email database, send one out to them as well.

3 Days Ahead of Time

Social Media

Post to both your own personal social media channels and to your company’s social media channels. Tag @DownstageMedia and use #WLTW. If it’s for a brand, you can say something like:

What did you learn this week? Find out on Friday when one of our company members, [insert your name here], will be a guest on Downstage Media’s Instagram Live show What I Learned This Week? Hear what she learned and share your two cents too! For details and reminders, click here: https://downstage.media/events/

1 Day Ahead of Time

Email Marketing

Send a 24 hour reminder email to the people you reached out to earlier. For details and reminders they should head to: https://downstage.media/events/

Social Media

Go on Facebook Live and/or Instagram Live from your company’s brand account at 2PM ET and tell them to join you on @Downstage Media’s Instagram Live show What I Learned This Week tomorrow at the same time - 2PM ET. Then share those posts to your personal accounts.

The Day of the WLTW Show

Time for one last push!

Social Media

Add to your Instagram and Facebook Stories about #WLTW and tag @downstagemedia.

Also, add a post to your feeds sharing how you’ll be talking about What You Learned This Week with @DownstageMedia.

Thank you again for being a part of What I Learned This Week! Looking forward to finding out what you have learned!