How Theater People Can Benefit From Facebook Messenger Marketing

If you’re a theater person, then you may only use Facebook for your personal account. Whether it’s to stay up-to-date with friends and family or to be the first to watch those rehearsal videos from upcoming Broadway shows, you may not even be thinking that Facebook has a whole new wayto grow your brand. Sure, Instagram and Twitter are a bit easier, but Facebook is vital to growing your social media presence. In addition to a business page on Facebook, it’s essential to use Facebook Messenger.

Your Messages Will Actually Get Opened

Whether you’re an actor, theatre company, touring show or dance school, it’s time you learn all about the usefulness of Facebook Messenger. Think of it this way: According to information released by MailChimp, traditional email only has a 20% open rate. In addition, according to a study by Ogilvy, due to algorithms out of your control, Facebook organic reach is down 18 percent. To put that into perspective, for every 100 fans of a page, an organic post will reach, on average, only five or fewer people.

Clearly, getting people to see your posts or messages is not a simple task. That’s precisely where Facebook Messenger comes in. And an easy way to utilize Messenger is through a platform called ManyChat. It allows you to create a bot that will initially answer your messages at an instant rate. Let’s break down all the ways this is useful.

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Three Ways to Theater People Can Use Facebook Messenger Marketing with a third party tool like ManyChat

  1. A great thing about ManyChat is that it helps to start a dialogue right away. When people go to your Facebook Page, a menu will pop up instantly where you can begin a conversation with the viewer and find out what they want to learn more. Maybe they want to hire you, know more about your skills or just check out the content you’re posting. Whatever the reason, because of that popup chat, they feel engaged to respond and talk to you, starting the relationship that can eventually grow to be a successful one.

  2. In addition to using this bot on Facebook, you can also add it to your business website. When someone visits your site and has to make a decision (for example: should they sign up for your newsletter or not?), having a messenger bot loaded onto your page will allow people to ask any questions they have. This way, they’re more likely to be persuaded into making that decision, whatever it may be. A suggestion: It would be wise automate the first few questions people could potentially ask. It’s better to be prepared in this situation.

  3. Not everyone can afford to use Facebook Ads, and that’s totally okay! But if you can, then we suggest you take advantage of them. Use a Facebook Ad with a promo for a coupon for discount tickets for a show or an upgrade to a VIP experience (eg show talk back; free beverage in the lobby, etc). Let’s be frank: People love free things and love to be VIPs, so this always works well.

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Don’t Delay — Use These Tips Now

Facebook can be a lot, especially for someone who just started out their page. But in 2019, it’s an essential part of growing your brand - and Messenger Marketing is a piece of that. Amping up your Facebook page in addition to your Instagram and Twitter will make you so much easier to find and so much more marketable.

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