What To Attach to Your iPhone For Better Video

Video content is incredibly important for any social media brand. Whether it’s capturing a rehearsal, a conference, or behind-the-scenes on a shoot, you’ll want to have your phone ready to record.

But how can you make it look at sound just a little better than what you could normally do? Here are some tips - as well as a handy checklist with links.

Get Better Audio

Your subject may be far away - or not. The room could be noisy - or not. Either way, you’ll want a microphone that can pick up your subject’s voice better than what your phone can get. And if the room is noisy then you’ll DEFINITELY need something to cut through. I recommend the super portable iRig LAV. It fits into your headphone jack and comes in a nice handy case. (If you don’t have a headphone jack anymore, the case has a nice little pocket for your adapter.)

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Get Better Video

There are a few ways to get better video. The first is to stabilize your phone so it’s not shaky. I like the CamRah Professional Series Tripod Kit. It comes with a flexible tripod that you can use a myriad of ways along with an adaptor so your phone can hook up to it in portrait or landscape. You’ll want to have both options if you’re going to be doing Instagram Lives, Instagram/Facebook Stories, or Facebook Lives.

Now that your video won’t come out so shaky, it’s good to have your subject lit well. Many times you’ll have plenty of overhead light - think fluorescents - but that will cast weird shadows on your subject’s face. You’ll need something to give them light from the front. I know most people love ring lights, but when I’m on the go, I like the shape and size of the ProMaster LED120SS Super Slim Rechargeable LED Light. It easily screws on to an adapter and is the same size as my cellphone. It’s balanced and easy to use and is rechargeable.

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Adapters, Chargers, Accessories

I love camera stuff because it pretty much is all interchangeable. So you can just about guaranteed that the attachments you get will work together. The threading on the ProMaster light will work perfectly well with the Joby GripTight and that will attach to your phone.

Of course, if you’re doing video, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of charge. So don’t forget to have a portable charger with you.

It also may be helpful to have a BlueTooth remote control for your phone so that you can begin your recordings from more than arm’s length.

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