Why Social Media for The Performing Artist Matters

Social media is a term with a lot of baggage for many performing artists. First, there’s the angst that comes with not having the slightest idea how you can use it strategically promote your art. Next come the feelings of being too old, or not savvy enough. Then, the frustration and hurt as you see empty seats in the house.

Let’s break this down.

First Issue: Using Social Media In a Smart Way to Promote Your Work

If you didn’t get a smartphone when you were ten, then consider yourself one of the legions of artists figuring out the best ways to connect with their audience online. There is a learning curve. Not all social media platforms are created equal. Five minutes ago links were working great on Facebook and Twitter - now it’s just Twitter. But only if you post five times a day or so. Gah! It’s super frustrating until you realize that when you’re armed with a good content calendar and some basic strategies that learning curve can become more gradual.

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Second Issue: Feeling Useless, Inadequate, and Old

Every time you hear about a show that sold out in days because of a video that went viral it’s enough to make you want to scream. You know that just because someone else is experiencing success that doesn’t mean that you are failure - but it sure feels that way. All of a sudden you start spiraling: I don’t know this stuff, I can’t do this stuff. I’m too old for this stuff. This is useless. The good news? You can connect with your audience online on social media, even if people have more followers than you have. You don’t have to feel awful about yourself and your talent any more.

[30 days worth of content in 5 minutes.]

Oh, and This: Your Work Deserves to Be Seen

Without a connection with an audience, the seats will be empty. Which is frustrating because the performing arts need an audience. How else can you tell whether your work is, well, working? With harnessing the power of social media you can create an audience that is even bigger than you thought possible. They want to see your work and be affected by it. And in turn, your work deserves to be seen.

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