How to Write a Winning Blog Post

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Writing a blog post can seem like an overwhelming proposition. Is it like writing an essay in high school? Happy to say that, no, it’s not. It can go very quickly if you have a clear framework to start from. This format is based on Chris Brogan’s blogging framework that he has been using for years and is the basis for all of the blog posts that we create.

This framework is so great because it focuses on your readers and what they will get out of it, while making it easy for them to scan. It also makes sure you have a clear call to action so they’ll take a next step.

Prepping, Pictures, Opening Paragraph

Keeping a running list in Evernote, Notes, or a Google Doc is an excellent way to be sure that when it’s time to work on your blog you already have a head start. Ready to write? Just pick a topic from your list.

Winning blog posts have at least one winning image. Make sure that your images are legal to use and high res enough that you’ll want to use them. (Link: Finding Beautiful, Legal, and Free Images) Then incorporate that into your post.

Now that you’ve got your infrastructure in place it’s time to start writing. Your opening paragraph can be something that is personal that draws your audience in. On the flip side, you can also summarize in some way what the post will be about.

Subheadings and Main Points (This is a subheading)

Your subheadings are your main points and should be clear so that as your readers scan the post, they’ll know what the gist is of the paragraph. Then each paragraph fleshes out the subheading in more detail.

To keep your posts concise, have an three paragraphs with subheadings that support them. The first paragraph doesn’t need a subheading though, since that’s what your title will do.

Call to Action

What is the step that you want someone to take? Have it very clearly identified so that your reader can become your customer. Then use the paragraph to explain more to your reader how to do the thing you’d like them to do.

After that it’s time to publish and distribute.

Get Help in Creating Your Blog

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