WLTW: 09/10 - 09/14: Your Work Matters, Conversations Become Content, and You're the Boss of Your Time

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Your Work Matters

I witnessed my eight year old daughter fall in love with the show Wicked in real time on Wednesday night. She was transported to the Land of Oz and couldn’t get enough of the costumes, and how funny Glinda is, and how someone she knew from TV could be there in front of her very eyes (Diggie from Liv and Maddie was in the cast as Fiyero in his third ever performance on Broadway.")

It was a reminder that your work matters. That the work you do to create theater is truly astounding. And you must do your best to get it seen in front of as many people as possible because people WANT to see what moves them.

Conversations Become Content

Any conversation you have more than once can become content. Most of my blog content comes from questions that I’ve answered for at least one client. If someone is asking you, other people have that question. Create a blog post about it, make a video, build an infographic, do a Live Q&A, anything so that you can get the answers out to your audience.

No One Else But You Is the Boss of Your Time

I found myself getting stressed out today at a meeting that was going over. Simple solution? I could have just left graciously and rescheduled. Instead, I got all panicky and weird and tried to rush through the meeting. Teach the people that you work with that you can do your best to stay longer for meetings, but if they are scheduled to end at a certain time, you can’t be expected to stick around longer. This is especially important for projects where you’re not being paid. No one else is the boss of your time but you.