WLTW: Chatbot Edition

Each week Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about social media for theater and running your own business. It’s called What I Learned This Week. You can play along by using #WLTW and sharing what YOU’VE learned!

This week, it’s all about Facebook Messenger Marketing!

FB Messenger Bots Work Best When They’re Used Strategically

Just coming off a conference that was devoted solely to Facebook Messenger Marketing I learned quite a lot to say the least. (Look for more blog posts to come on this) Although there was quite a lot of talk about how your customer doesn’t want to leave Facebook and how they want answers now and you can use it as a tool within Facebook, there are some other strategies for how a small business can use Facebook’s Messenger app outside of Facebook thanks to a service like Manychat.

Here are three ways:

Use it as a customer service option on your website.

Apps like Manychat allow your audience to start chatting with you right on the website. Pro tip: have the chat bot pop up on page where someone would need to make a decision - this way, you can be right there to take away any obstacles they may have.

Create a bot that will answer your audience’s most asked questions for you.

You can automate a series of questions and answers that come up the most and save your staff from fielding another phone call or email.

Answer email questions right in the moment

Facebook Messenger Marketing is all about starting a conversation. Why not use an email as a conversation starter? You can include a button that says, “Chat Now” and then ask simple questions to get the ball rolling.

Using Messenger Bots Requires Strategic Thinking

Although the concepts can be simple, it does require some forethought to make a good bot. Here are some ProTips picked up at the #Conversations18 conference.

Use Binary Questions

Instead of saying something like, “Can we answer any questions for you?” With a chatbot you can ask a question and frame the responses that people will choose. Instead, try something like, “What can we answer your questions about?” And then giving them two or three options that your audience may ask about most often.

Open Rates on Chatbots

Darien Hill, Downstage’s resident Facebook ads expert, jumped on to talk about the open rates for chat bots. His recent campaigns with led to a 90-100% open rate! That means nearly everyone he sent it to actually opened the message about a recent Facebook Live. Can you see how this could be a helpful tool for you to promote yourself?